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Legal, Constitutional & Human Rights Library

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All articles listed below are written by either attorneys, medical professionals or human rights advocates. A more complete listing of legal, constitutional and human rights articles may be found in the legal library pages of the Circumcision Information Resource Pages. Additional assistance is available from Attorneys for the Rights of the Child.

On this site (most recent articles first):

Circumcision Cuts Penis Sensitivity BJU International 2007

The cruel cut that ruined a man's life  The Sunday Times (Sydney) December 26, 1999 

Circumcision is assault, ethicist says Montreal Gazette October 18, 1997

Infant Male Circumcision: Examining the Legal and Human Rights Issues  J. Steven Svoboda 1997

Circumcised Boys May Sue Health Law Update (Australia), 1996

Are Baby Boys Entitled to the Same Protection as Baby Girls Regarding Genital Mutilation? Zenas Baer 1996

Suit claims N.D. genital mutilation law biased Fargo Forum, 1996

Lawsuit argues N.D. female mutilation law is unconstitutional because it doesn't protect males, too Minot Daily News, 1996

Primum Non Nocere: "First, Do No Harm" Jill Durnford, R.N., 1996

Advocacy: Rhetoric or Practice Iva Phillips, R.N. Nursing B.C. 1994

Circumcision: The Legal and Constitutional Issues Charles A. Bonner and Michael J. Kinane Truth Seeker 1989

Religious Exemptions from Child Abuse Statutes Pediatrics, 1988
   (see also: Blue_ArrowD096.gif (140 bytes)Religious Objections to Medical Care Pediatrics, 1997)

On other sites (most recent articles first):

Blue_ArrowD096.gif (140 bytes)Prophylactic interventions on children: balancing human rights with public health F.M. Hodges, J.S. Svoboda and R.S. Van Howe Journal of Medical Ethics, February 2002 

Muslim M.D. mounts gender challenge to Canada's law against female genital mutilation  2/01

Circumcision of Healthy Boys: Criminal Assault? Gregory J. Boyle, Ph.D., J. Steven Svoboda, Christopher Price, and J. Neville Turner, Journal of Law & Medicine, February 2000

Blue_ArrowD096.gif (140 bytes)Involuntary Circumcision: The Legal Issues R.S. Van Howe, J. Steven Svoboda, James G. Dwyer and Christopher P. Price, British Journal of Urology International, January 1999

Blue_ArrowD096.gif (140 bytes)Justifying the Unjustifiable: Rite v. Wrong Abbie Chessler Buffalo Law Review 1997 (lengthy article)

Blue_ArrowD096.gif (140 bytes)Valencia Declaration on Sexual Rights XIII World Congress on Sexology 1997

Male Circumcision: A Legal and Ethical Affront Chris Price Bulletin of Medical Ethics 1997

Blue_ArrowD096.gif (140 bytes)Circumcision and the Code of Ethics George C. Denniston, M.D. Human Health Care International 1996

Male Circumcision: Medical or Ritual David Richards Journal of Law & Medicine 1996

Circumcision No Longer a "Routine" Surgical Procedure Eleanor LeBourdais Canadian Medical Assn. Journal 1995

Legal Remedies for Penile Torts David Llewellyn 1995

Parent's Religion & Children's Welfare: Debunking the Doctrine of Parents' Rights (Abstract) James Dwyer
California Law Review 1994 [Full 76-page article available from NOHARMM for $10 photocopy/mailing charge.]

Circumcision: Medical or Human Rights Issue? Marilyn Milos, R.N. Journal of Nurse-Midwifery 1992

Circumcision as Child Abuse: The Legal & Constitutional Issues William E. Brigman Journal of Family Law 1984

Therapeutic and Non-Therapeutic Medical Procedures: What are the Distinctions? Margaret Somerville
Health Law in Canada 1981

Medical Interventions and the Criminal Law: Lawful or Excusable Wounding? Margaret Somerville
McGill Law Journal 1980

Other informative pages:

See also:  Blue_ArrowD096.gif (140 bytes)Circumcision Information Resource Pages


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