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Facing Circumcision  Eight Physicians Tell Their Stories
     Restoration in Focus  
Instructional Video for Foreskin Restoration
     They Cut Babies, Don't They?  
One Man's Struggle Against Circumcision
     Whose Body, Whose Rights?   Award-winning documentary seen on PBS!

Circumcision Exposed
Rethinking a Medical and
Cultural Tradition

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Perspectivesrainbowtrirev.gif (24673 bytes)Gay Concerns

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The gay/lesbian community has a particular interest in the circumcision problem,
because circumcision concerns issues with which gays/lesbians continue to struggle,
(gender roles and equality, societal power, sexual health and rights, medical abuse, and religious oppression).

While all of these articles are pertinent, those with a rainbow flag  rainbowflag.gif (991 bytes)  were especially written
by/for gay men or lesbians, or they specifically address lesbian/gay concerns.

Read more about how
Circumcision Affects Lesbians and Gay Men

Check out the new video profiling the struggle
against circumcision by one gay man with HIV
They Cut Babies, Don't They?

Blue_ArrowD096.gif (140 bytes) Compilation page of published articles by ethicist Brian D. Earp on male, female and intersex childhood genital cutting  LINK

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AIDS Hysteria's Littlest Victims NOHARMM Newsletter, 1995

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Anti-Circumcision Activists Zap Medical Association Bay Area Reporter, 1993

Body Image Surveys Examine Men's (Dis)Satisfaction with Circumcision  1989, 1992, 1996

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Bris or Brit? To Circumcise Him or to 'Name' Him Internet, 1997
Circumcised Boys May Sue Health Law Update (Australia), 1996
Circumcision Cuts Penis Sensitivity BJU International 2007
Circumcised Men Want it All Back Louanne Cole, Sexologist, San Francisco Examiner, 1997

Circumcision: A Critical Issue of Human Rights Ted Pong

Circumcision: A Jewish Feminist Perspective Jewish Women Speak Out, 1995
Blue_ArrowD096.gif (140 bytes)Circumcision and HIV infection: Review of the literature and meta-analysis   Published in 1999 in the International Journal of STDs and AIDS, this review of the combined raw data  finds that a man with a circumcised penis is at greater risk of acquiring and transmitting HIV than a man with a non-circumcised penis.

Circumcision: Power and Profit - 2420 B.C. to 1988 A.D.  Journal of Sex Research, 1989

Circumcision Reversal Gains Popularity  The New Mexican, 1996

Circumcision is Sexual Abuse  M.E.N., 1994

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Circumcision: Whose Penis is it Anyway? Outyouth News, 1993

Common Denominators between Male and Female Circumcision

Did Circumcision Ruin Your Sex Life?-Separated at Birth Men's Health July/August 1998  

Discharge on your Circumcision!  M.E.N., 1989

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Does Male Circumcision Help Spread AIDS? The Backlash!, 1994

Genital Pain vs. Genital Pleasure: Why the One and not the Other? The Truth Seeker, 1989

Global Survey of Circumcision Harm (2012 to present)
How to Identify Circumcision Harm in the Adult Male
Importance of Genital Mutilations to Gender Power Politics Seham Abd el Salam, Al Raida 2002
Instruments Used by the Circumcision Industry
Blue_ArrowD096.gif (140 bytes)Involuntary Circumcision: The Legal Issues  British Journal of Urology, 1999   

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Leland Traiman - Gay Father, Sperm Donor, Jewish Intactivist
See also: Rainbow Flag Health Services a known-donor sperm bank serving the San Francisco LGBT Community, with a policy opposing genital mutilation of children born through its services.

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Lesbian Moms Confront Circumcision Family Values: Two Moms and their Son, 1993

Male Circumcision as a Feminist Issue  Rosemary Romberg

Male Circumcision is a Feminist Issue Too  Melbourne Age, 1994

Male Circumcision: A Gender Perspective Journal of Men's Studies, 1998 (lengthy but excellent article)
Male Genital Mutilation (Circumcision) A Feminist Study of a Muted Gender Issue (Post masters Fellowship Research by Seham Abd el Salam - Cairo, Egypt - June, 1999) 

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Men Have their Own Warrior Marks  The Metropolitan, 1995

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My Story of Ritual Abuse NOHARMM Newsletter, 1994
Not a "Snip," But 15 Square Inches

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Oregon Retracts Foreskin Coverage: No More Clip Jobs  Napa Valley Men's Network, 1994

Part of Us is Missing: The Ritual Mutilation of Male Children The Green Man, 1995

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Photographic Exhibit Circumscribed The Province, 1993

A Powerful Taboo   Daily Nebraskan, 1995

Blue_ArrowD096.gif (140 bytes)The Right to Our Own Bodies M.E.N., 1995

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Routine Circumcision of Male Minors: Human Rights Implications  Tim Hammond, 1996

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Scents and Sensitivity: The hunt for my foreskin and other tales Xtra! West, 1996

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Silence = Mutilation Dennis Niswander

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Stop Circumcision The Guide, 1996

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The Unkindest Cut of All Xtra! West, 1994
Blue_ArrowD096.gif (140 bytes)Valencia Declaration on Sexual Rights XIII World Congress on Sexology 1997
What Men Are Saying About Infant Circumcision
What Opponents of Female Circumcision Say about Male Circumcision
Why Does Infant Circumcision Persist in North America?

More Pages Related to Male & Female Circumcision

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