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     They Cut Babies, Don't They?  
One Man's Struggle Against Circumcision
     Whose Body, Whose Rights?   Award-winning documentary seen on PBS!

Circumcision Exposed
Rethinking a Medical and
Cultural Tradition

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Book Evaluation Form

Evaluation of Genital Anatomy and Circumcision Information in books on
Childbirth, Parenting, Human Sexuality, Male Health, and Social Issues

Reviewer:   Print out and complete this form, photocopy relevant book text,
and fax these to:
NOCIRC-Illinois   847-441-9012

  Book Title

  ISBN No.   Copyright Year   Price
  Reader Audience
  Publisher's Address
  Reviewer Name   Date

Not all entries are applicable to all types of books. If not applicable, write NA.

Award (+1) to each item if book states:

  Infant circumcision is declining  

  The U.S. is the only developed nation still circumcising a majority of male infants
  for non-religious reasons

  Infant circumcision is not medically justified  
  Circumcision is painful to infants  
  Most circumcisers still don't use anesthesia  
  It's easy to keep the intact penis clean  
  Children have a right to an intact body and/or circumcision violates one's inherent
  right to self-determination

  The foreskin has functions, and/or it has a large concentration of nerve endings
  for sexual pleasure


  The amount of infant genital tissue removed grows (by adulthood) to substantial
  size (12 to 15 square inches)


  Childhood circumcisions are a breach of the fundamental code of medical ethics


  Many men circumcised as infants are unhappy/angry they were circumcised


  Growing numbers of men circumcised at birth are choosing foreskin restoration


  Circumcision can result in gender-reassignment or death


  NOCIRC and/or similar groups are available for more information


  Foreskin-friendly books (e.g., Say No to Circumcision!) are listed in bibliography
  or resources


  Circumcision may not be covered by health insurance


  Circumcision is profitable for doctors and hospitals


  Masturbation hysteria was the original reason circumcision started in the U.S.


  Circumcision is rarely required in adulthood


  There are non-surgical alternatives [e.g., antibiotics] to circumcision


  The foreskin has never been proven to increase the risk of sexually transmitted
  diseases (STDs)


  Slow separation of foreskin from glans is normal and/or that infant circumcision
  requires these be torn apart


  The psychological consequences of infant circumcision have never been
  systematically studied


  Examines common denominators between male and female circumcision


Award (-1) to each item if book states:

  Claims hygiene is a legitimate reason to circumcise


  Proposes culture and religion as legitimate reasons to circumcise children


  Cites Looking like dad is a legitimate premise upon which to base a circumcision


  Uses aesthetics or cosmetic reasons to justify circumcising a child


  Offers "looking like other boys" as a legitimate reason to circumcise a child


  States circumcision is minor surgery or trivializes it with terms like snipping, clipping
  or trimming the foreskin


  Says circumcision pain is transient or soon forgotten or in other ways minimizes
  circumcision trauma


  Claims urinary tract infections (UTIs) are more common in intact babies, but fails
  to note overall rarity of UTI


  Parents have an ethical right to authorize routine circumcision on a non-consenting


  Presumes a child is abnormal is the foreskin does not retract by some specific
  age short of adulthood


  Alleges circumcision is more painful for an adult than a baby


  Claims circumcision is safe and/or fails to acknowledge potential major complications,
  no matter how rare


      Good or bad features of this book relative to the foreskin or circumcision:
      (Award each item
+1 or -1 accordingly)

      Subtotal for this book:  

      "Hypocrisy Points"  Award (-2) for each item below if the book claims to:


      Favor natural or gentle childbirth


      Be "up-to-date," "modern" or "a comprehensive guide" to parenting,  male health,
      or human sexuality

      Total points for this book:  

Attach a separate sheet for reviewer's overall evaluation of this book's
treatment of genital anatomy and/or circumcision issues.

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