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Facing Circumcision  Eight Physicians Tell Their Stories
     Restoration in Focus  
Instructional Video for Foreskin Restoration
     They Cut Babies, Don't They?  
One Man's Struggle Against Circumcision
     Whose Body, Whose Rights?   Award-winning documentary seen on PBS!

Circumcision Exposed
Rethinking a Medical and
Cultural Tradition

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Circumcision Videos

Infant circumcision in the United States has been on a steady decline for several decades, and has been all but abandoned in other medically advanced countries that once practiced it. Introduced into the U.S. in the late 19th century as a "cure" for masturbation, circumcision become a widespread social custom in America by the mid-20th century. All major medical associations in the U.S. and in other medically advanced nations around the world now agree that this painful surgical alteration of the male genitalia has no significant health benefits (and circumcision most certainly does not stop masturbation).

What do they and other informed & compassionate parents know that you should know? 

These videos about circumcision will help provide much needed answers. 

Whose Body, Whose Rights?
By far the most comprehensive video on the subject of male circumcision, and the only such program to gain recognition through several awards and broadcast by PBS.

Whose Body, Whose Rights? circumcision video

They Cut Babies, Don't They? One Man's Struggle Against Circumcision 
If at times the voices of men against circumcision sound strident, this video will surely explain why.

They Cut Babies, Don't They? circumcision video

Facing Circumcision: Eight Physicians Tell Their Stories 
Most physicians agree that infant circumcision is unnecessary, if not harmful. Others, however, refuse to believe that what they were taught in the past is not appropriate today, or have not stopped to examine the functional loss, psychological harm or human rights implications inflicted by infant circumcision. You'll hear many perspectives, including those who tell you why they stopped.

Facing Circumcision video

Restoration in Focus
A comprehensive video demonstrating the process for repairing the damage of circumcision through manual foreskin restoration, which materials are needed and where to get them. The reasons why a man subjected to circumcision at birth would desire foreskin restoration, and what benefits can be derived from it, are explored in the video Whose Body, Whose Rights?

Restoration in Focus circumcision video

Two popular foreskin restoration devices are widely used to repair circumcision damage: and

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