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an information sheet for intact boys

Parents: When sharing this with your son, read just those parts that are of immediate interest to him.


You have a natural penis.

The names of the boy's parts are shown below. All normal boys are born with these parts. You can't see the testicles because they are inside the scrotum. You can't see the glans because it is covered by the foreskin.


The foreskin is important.

The foreskin protects the end of the penis (glans) from getting irritated or hurt, like your eyelid protects your eye. When you get older, the foreskin helps the penis to work properly.




It's easy to keep clean.

We all learn how to wash our body parts. It's really easy to wash your penis. Younger boys just wash the outside. As you grow up, the foreskin becomes looser and then you can gently pull it back to see the glans and to wash underneath - but only as far as it can go easily. It's OK to wash with just clean, warm water.


What is circumcision?  What is intact?

Circumcision is an old-fashioned operation that cuts off the foreskin from the penis. It hurts a lot. Here in the United States, some babies are still circumcised. In the rest of the world, most babies are not circumcised. Some people who don't know any better use the word "uncircumcised" to describe this, but the real word is "intact." You're lucky because your parents knew that it's better to leave babies intact.


What does the difference look like?

Boys like you who are intact have a foreskin because they
did not have a circumcision operation. The foreskin length
differs among intact boys. You probably look like this:

Boys who are not intact don't have a foreskin because they
had a circumcision operation. They have a scar on their penis
where the foreskin was cut off. They probably look like this:

Penis Comparison.jpg (30 KB)

Why are some boys circumcised?

People used to think that it was difficult to clean an intact penis. Now, lots of people have learned that keeping a foreskin clean is no problem and that circumcision is not a good idea.


Everybody is different.

No two people look exactly the same (even "identical" twins!). Some people are taller or shorter, some have different skin or hair color, and some are intact while others are circumcised. Boys who are not intact might ask questions because they are curious about this difference. If a boy without a foreskin does this, you can tell him that he had the skin that covered the end of his penis cut off and that you didn't. He probably doesn't know this because it was done soon after he was born. You're lucky to have your foreskin, but it's important not to make fun of boys who aren't intact.

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