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What are MEN saying about infant circumcision?

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Society cannot hear what men do not say.
Men can't say what we don't feel,
and we can't get in touch with our feelings
until we raise our awareness of an issue.

Warren Farrell, Ph.D. - The Myth of Male Power, 1993

Broken Scalpel

They are coming back in droves, those who were circumcised, wishing to be uncircumcised. Many are intelligent individuals who cannot understand this early assault. They are challenging our primitive habits, to elevate us out of the ignorance of the past.

Anthony Orlandella, M.D.
Letter to NOHARMM
14 March 1993

Institutionalized child abuse like circumcision, which in this country legitimizes the sexual mutilation of about 60% of male infants, is in my opinion, one of the primary causes of unconscious male rage and violence.

Aaron Kipnis, Ph.D.
Male Privilege or Privation?
ReSource, p.1, Summer 1992

I believe no man would allow his beloved son to be circumcised if he were in touch with the terror he experienced
during his own.

It amazes me that I could so completely repress such an intense experience. I'm even more amazed at my fellow men, aware that most of them are circumcised and unaware of the powerful trauma repressed in their psyches. A way out of the unconscious avenging of repressed trauma is to make fully conscious the denied and repressed emotion and to hold the perpetrator(s) accountable.

John Breeding
Unkindest Cut:Altering Male Genitalia
MAN!, Winter 1991

My preference, if I had the good fortune to have another son, would be to leave his little penis alone.

Benjamin Spock, M.D.
Baby and Child Care
in Redbook, p.53, April 1989

To me, the idea of performing 100,000 mutilative procedures on newborns to possibly prevent cancer in one elderly man is absurd.

George C. Denniston, M.D.
Unnecessary Circumcision
The Female Patient, p.14,
July 1992

It no longer provides a mark of (tribal or social) allegiance because it has been carried out on males from so many cultures and societies. If it 'makes a boy feel regular' to be mutilated in this way, then we are back to the primitive condition of tribal scarring that we now find abhorrent.

Desmond Morris - Why are Babies Circumcised? pp.192-195 in Babywatching/1991

The poor hygiene practices and irresponsible sexual behaviors of a few do not justify circumcising the majority of newborn males. It violates basic human rights of body ownership.

Tim Hammond - NOHARMM Founder

If you haven't one, there is a
whole range of covered-glans
nuances you can't recapture.

Alex Comfort, M.D. - The New Joy of Sex/1991

Circumcision is not primarily a medical issue but rather has its roots in deeply held religious belief and social customs that defy rational and humane understanding.

James Prescott, Ph.D. Genital Pain vs. Genital Pleasure: Why the One and Not the Other?
Truth Seeker, pp.14-21,
July-August 1989

My first major loss was being severed forever from a sensitive part of my boy's body - my foreskin. This mutilation is an initiation into the warrior cult, which predates its medical and religious meanings and begins the wounding of our boys into manhood. We would benefit from better ways to treat our boys.

Shepherd Bliss - My War Story: A Child's Trauma
Journeyman, p.33, Summer 1993

All of the western world raises its children uncircumcised and it seems logical that, with the extent of health knowledge in those countries, such a practice must be safe.

C. Everett Koop, M.D.
Former Surgeon General of the United States
Saturday Evening Post, July 1982

Risks of newborn circumcision are underreported and ignored factors in this argument. Often a poor surgical result is not recognized until years after the event. Adverse long-term consequences of infant circumcision on the sexual health of American men must be recognized by physicians, parents and legislators.

James L. Snyder, M.D.
The Problem of Circumcision in America, Truth Seeker, pp.39-42, July-August 1989

Men who say, 'I'm circumcised and just fine' are either unaware as to how circumcision diminishes the penis or in denial to block feelings of hopelessness. Foreskin restoration offers men one means by which to regain authority over their body.

Jim Bigelow, Ph.D. -The Joy of Uncircumcising! 1992

When we commit violence against an infant girl, we call it child abuse; against an infant boy, we call it circumcision. What is the long-term impact? Unstudied. This ignorance persists despite the fact that a nationwide study on the long-term impact of male circumcision could be conducted for less than it cost us to conduct any two minutes of the Persian Gulf War. Females produce smegma under their clitoral hood identical to males. As a result, odor and infection can occur if it is not cleaned. But we do not circumcise the female's clitoral hood. America's reflexive continuation of circumcision-without-research reflects the continuation of our tradition to desensitize boys to feelings of pain, to prepare them to not question the disposability of their bodies any more than they would question the disposability of their foreskins.

Warren Farrell, Ph.D. - The Myth of Male Power, pp.221-223, 1993

The same type of cultural astigmatism which prevented past generations from perceiving their actions as child abuse prevents contemporary Americans from perceiving or acknowledging the most widespread form of child abuse in society today; child mutilation through routine neonatal circumcision of males.

William E. Brigman
Blue_ArrowD096.gif (140 bytes)Circumcision as Child Abuse:
Legal-Constitutional Issues

University of Louisville
Journal of Family Law,
vol.23, no.3, pp.337-357, 1984-85

Historians of the future will find it incredible that we mutilated babies by cutting off the end of their penises in the name of medicine. There are now serious concerns that this may actually deprive adult men of a vital part of their sexual sensitivity.

Dean Edell, M.D. - Radio and Television Medical Advisor

Justification of circumcision in order to save a boy later locker room embarrassment seems unrealistic. This is the latter half of the 20th Century, a time supposedly to celebrate individuality and freedom of choice.

Capt. E. Noel Preston, MC, USAF
Whither the Foreskin?
Journal of the American Medical Assn., p.1853,
September 14, 1970

Broken Scalpel

Their penises are taken to the blade of a knife and cut. This is done to the male child prior to the age of consent. The fact that we do not know the long-term impact of this surgery and have not asked to know tells us about our attitude toward males.

Warren Farrell, Ph.D.
Why Men Are The Way They Are, pp.232-233, 1986

Sex with a circumcised penis has been likened to 'trying to appreciate one of Goya's masterpieces by looking at a black and white photograph?'

Kenneth Purvis, M.D., Ph.D.
The Male Sexual Machine: An Owner's Manual, 1992

The cultural task of turning a boy into a man begins by the disruption of the primal bond between mother and her son. The implicit message given to the male when he is circumcised, whether the ritual is performed at seven days old or at puberty, is that your body henceforth belongs to the tribe and not merely yourself. What indelible message would be carved on your body, encoded within the scar tissue of your symbolic wound? That men and women who supposedly love their sons refuse to examine and stop this barbaric practice strongly suggests that something powerfully strange is going on that is obscured by a conspiracy of silence.

Sam Keen - Fire in the Belly, pp.29-30, 1991

Could the trauma from this event have anything to do with our later feelings of shame about our bodies, our concern about the size of our penises, our anguish over sexual performance, our frozen feelings, or the male ability (liability?) to ignore pain? In order to begin healing our wounds we need to remember what happened to us and to name it correctly. Cutting the genitals of newborn male babies is child sexual abuse. I encourage all men to join in ending this practice.

Jed Diamond, L.C.S.W.
The Silent Knife: Why Isn't Circumcision a Men's Issue?
The Warrior's Journey Home, p.139, 1994

No one is aware of the deep implications and life-long effect (of circumcision). All that takes place in the first days of life on the emotional level shapes the pattern of all future reactions. How could a being aggressed in this way, while totally helpless, develop into a relaxed, trusting person?

Dr. Frederick Leboyer
Birth Without Violence, 1975

No male on this earth begins life without a covered penis, but then rituals and ignorance take over and many lose their foreskins. Wouldn't it be more meaningful for each male to decide his own fate as an adult?

James Whipple, M.D. - Circumcision: A Conspiracy of Silence, New Men/New Minds, p.110, 1987

Circumcision represents a subtraction, removing one-third or more of the entire skin of the penis - a tragic loss of erogenous tissue. The worst thing is that it produces circumcisers. There is a segment of physicians who have the psychic compulsion to circumcise so they themselves do not feel genitally inferior or different. Could it be that the circumcised father is the one whose psyche is so disturbed that he suggests circumcision so his little son's genital status would not surpass his own?

Thomas J. Ritter, M.D. - Say No to Circumcision!, p. 19-1, 1992

Other Voices

   Childhood genital mutilations are anachronistic rituals inflicted on the helpless bodies of non-consenting children of both sexes.

Hanny Lightfoot-Klein (personal correspondence) - author, Prisoners of Ritual: An Odyssey into Female Genital Circumcision in Africa, 1989


   When a child is subjected to intolerable, overwhelming pain, it conceptualizes mother as both participatory and responsible regardless of mother's intent. The perception of the infant of her culpability and willingness to have him harmed is indelibly emplaced. The consequences for impaired bonding are significant.

Rima Laibow, M.D. - Circumcision and its Relationship to Attachment Impairment
Syllabus of Abstracts Second International Symposium on Circumcision, April 30, 1991


   It is not easy to see evil in something that has the sanction of long tradition, but traditions can be bad or good. The represent inherited error as well as inherited truth.

Archbishop Lang - United Kingdom


   Isn't it insulting to the average male's intelligence to think that surgery is preferable because he can't be trusted with washing his genitals when somehow he manages to brush his teeth, clean his ears and blow his nose?

Louanne Cole, Ph.D. - Sex Matters Columnist  Is Circumcision Correct for Newborn Boys?
San Francisco Examiner, p.B7, August 11, 1993


   Circumcision simply counteracts excessive lust; for there is no doubt that (it) weakens the power of sexual excitement, and sometimes lessens the natural enjoyment.

Moses Maimonides - Jewish Scholar (1135-1204 A.D.), The Guide of the Perplexed


   No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

Article V, United Nations Declaration of Human Rights


   What's done to children, they will do to society.

Karl Meninger

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