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Ernie Ayers' Story

submitted by David McKnight, D.C., NOCIRC/Iowa

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Ernie is associated with E.T.H.I.C. of Canada (End the Horror of Infant Circumcision), and his letter dated Nov. 16, 1993 requests me to help get his circumcision mutilation story out, and it's for you to send on, also. He adds it's almost impossible to get a story like this printed in Canada. (He should try Iowa!) He says he sent it to Ann Landers but she didn't print it. (odd?? Poor ol' Annie). He says, "It seems so frustrating - every time we seem to be gaining some ground some doctor comes up with another silly idea why they should circumcise."

"Circumcision seems to be tapering off here in western Canada but there is still quite a bit of it being done. It's a slow process; it's just that most fathers now are cut so they just don't know the advantage of having a foreskin, so they think it is just a nuisance so they have their son's cut off."

Ernie leaves literature in hospital waiting rooms at the maternity wards as well as giving it to anyone he knows is expecting, and is appreciative of receiving ideas and information from others. His message is this:


"I was born and raised as an only child on a farm in a remote area of Saskatchewan, Canada, during the great depression in the 1930s. Fortunately in those days circumcision was practically unheard of, so I remained whole. We lived in a one-room shack and once I reached the age when I was too big for mother to bathe me in the dish pan, taking a bath was out of the question."

"So from the time I was about 4, till I left school when I was 15, the only bath any of us had was a few times when we went for a swim in a lake in the summer. Even then we didn't really take a bath, as there were always other people around so we had to keep our bathing suits on."

"During that time I was healthy and never had any problems with my foreskin, which was quite long and completely covered the head, nor had any other urinary problems that some doctors try to tell will be sure to happen if we don't get rid of that foreskin. I am now 66 years old and still have never had any such problems."

"However when our son was born, he was circumcised without our consent or knowledge till it was done. Of course I raised particular hell, but it was too late then, the damage was done. When our son was 5 years old he had a urinary tract infection and spent 3 days in the hospital, even though he had been bathed every day."

"Then in spite of being kept very clean as we had taught him, at 18 the urinary tract was infected and closed up almost completely, so he had to go to the hospital again where they used some method to open it up and cure the infection which he said was very painful. This lasted till he was in his mid-twenties when it closed up almost completely and was painful and almost impossible to urinate."

"This time they performed surgery and said they had to install a tube in the penis, which was also a very painful procedure and had to have a catheter through a hole in the lower abdomen into the bladder till the penis healed. He was hospitalized for 2-1/2 weeks that time. He is now 40 years old and still continues to have problems at times."

"The doctors that worked on him said that if he had not been circumcised he would not likely have ever had any problems as the foreskin covers and protects the opening of the urethra."

"So several doctors have made a lot of money out of that circumcision which I guess is the main reason for doing it in the first place. Also, my son has practically no sensitivity in his penis since he was a child."


Ernie Ayers
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada


We certainly sympathize with the son for his trauma and dysfunction and with Ernie for his feelings as the father. Just when we might tend to feel burned out, some story comes along which re-energizes us to keep on keeping on with our efforts to save our kids. Does anyone else besides me get this strange sympathetic twinge in his lap when reading these stories?

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